And what pray tell, is the five-point palm exploding heart technique?

My greatest invention. Or at least, my favorite one.

Little Updater.
A little updater on me as of late. I've just been hanging out with the usuals, the old lady, Gabe, Derek and the SG screw, not doing too much. Went and saw my old metal band at The Token. Ive been drinking almost every night, which is terrible, so Ive quit that for the next few days.

Last night me, Derek, Chris, and Brandon went to Harry's bar out in Detroit. It was a damn good time. We arrived there and walked in, it had the usual bar-like atmosphere near a college. We hung out in there for a bit, and then decided to come back later when everyone else was supposed to get there. We left and went to Greektown to buy some smokes and other items needed for our mini-adventure. We began walking the streets of the D, encountering many enterprenureal homeless people. They offered us all sorts of goods, from a free admission to the Vu, to fake glass roses. Anything you could think of really could be found at those corners.

We returned the bar, and my dumb ass hadnt brought my fake. I discovered neither did Chris, so we told Derek and Brandon that we were gonna go down to the Stadium Liquor store and purchse us some 40's, ghetto style. We strolled into the small establishment and found the cheapest 40's money could buy, some good old Magnum. Once we found what we wanted, we went back outside and asked the next colored patron to purchase our 40's. He did with a content look on his face.

While Chris and I stood outside this mart of convience, we were approached by a tall black man, informing us that we needed to pay money for our current parking location. We hadnt parked anywhere near that spot, so we told him as such. At that moment, the kind fellows that bought our beer walked over to thier car, and called Chris over. Now I know what you are thinking "Wow, thats just a recipe for disaster", well you couldnt be more wrong. We told him that we would give him the change for his service, but he declined it and told us we were "Straight".

By this time, the tall black man had walked away, but seeing that his current hustle was done doing thier business, he ventured back on over to our location. He began talking to us again, mumbling some street jibberish. Just as all this was unfolding, the guy who bought for Chris and I rolled up in his beat up Caddy, and asked the tall black man if there was a problem. He, ofcourse, said no, and then that drvier told us to go back to the club(Harry's). Chris and I did just that.

We arrive at the front of Harry's and Chris says he'll wait while I go in and tell Derek and Brandon what we are doing. So I go in and tell them and come back out, and Chris and I start walking towards these big, broken up, cement blocks. We take a sit and crack open our first 40's. We sit there and talk about this and that, saying hello to the usual passerby, and then we met Lewis.

Lewis was every cliche a black man living in a bad part of Detroit could have, and more. To my surprise he was very well spoken, and had some nice dental work. We get to talking and he asks us what we are doing there, why are we drinking Magnum when we look like "Bud Light Boys", and where we were from. It was quite an expereince. We gave em some sips of our brew, and in exchange, he humored us with stories. It was a sweet deal to say the least.

Just as Chris and I were finishing our 40's and began to make our way back to the bar, a cop car strolls up and tell us to leave the area. They informed us that alot of B and E(Breaking and Entering) had been going on alot in that part of town. So Chris and I pounded the rest of what remained of our beer and parted ways with the great Lewis.

Chris and I walked back into the bar, with a bit of buzz running through both of us. We sat in the back where Derek and Brandon were, and told them of our adventures. We all laughed and enjoyed the rest of the night, meeting new people and just having a good time. To my surprise, a couple old friends walked in late that night. Megan Karoly and Kathryn Nyholm. I was jawdropped to say the least. I spoke with them and then we left the bar, and Detroit, and the good memory we had made that night.

You know, this is odd, I started this entry today with th intention of venting about a relationship insecurity that I was feeling. Then BAM, Im talking to the old lady while I write this, and things are fine and end up remembering a great night. Thanks Live Journal, your the best. Oh and thank you to anyone who read this ENTIRE thing. Im sure you enjoyed it ::rolls eyes::

...I am sorry...
I apologize to anyone I may have drunk dialed last night.

Good luck exploring the infinite abyss

So yea, a little update of my doings recently. I spent some time out at U of M with some newly acquired friends that I met through Derek(the same crew that went to MSU the week before). That was, ofcourse, a rockin' time. Also, I had a very relaxing expereince with all of those same fellas, and a few new ones, up at Derek's cottage-on-the-lake. It was just the guys, hanging out, drinkin', swimming in the lake in our boxers(and some without) at 4 in the morning. Needless to say, that too was a rockin' time. Also, I have met a new friend, who holds much promise, I'll just see where Fate takes this one.


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Take a break.
Bear with me, Im going to part from my usual movie-based writing here and just speak in rhyme, or with words that paint a canvas of screen, about something inspiring. A song, if you will.

Developing a distant tongue of line-drawn sketchs
A remaint of a travelers life once lived
Distance spread the white spacing further
Going, sliding, drifting beneath the undercarriage

Pulling me closer to home
Pulling me closer to rest
Pulling us closer to a set-sail
to a dreamers shipwreck
And if you're there by now
Ill see you with weathered eyes
A sight not seen from the last jade escape
From our last jade escape

With the combustion fueling the motion
and the venture to fireside our notion
Ill set off the chain reaction
from one memory to the next
of a commute just like this
Of a night just like this

So with your words in mind, Ill keep
Pulling you closer to home
Pulling you closer to rest
Pulling us closer to a set-sail
to a dreamers shipwreck
And if I'm there by now
Youll see me with mascaraed eyes
A sight not seen from the last jade escape
From our last jade escape

Skeleton into the aperture
Breeze of a welcomed embrace
You are there behind my eyelids
When closed so tight
Your silohette can be seen
Our silohette can be seen

and with one final conscious cognition
I drift into somnolence
Knowing I'll taste tomorrow
With a pure tongue

Eh, its a work in prorgress, but by the time I work on it again, I'll have lost the inspiration. To basically sum up what its about, is the ride home from wherever you were, just waiting to go to sleep so you can dream of what tomorrow may hold. I think I'll name it "Jade Escape". Anyone know what that means? Take of it what you will.

There's no gene for fate.

Wow, those three simple letters sum up the past few days of my life. I've done so many good things, the planets are truly aligned with me right now. [rant] I have an amazing girlfriend who I love, and that loves me back. I have terrific friends that respect me. I now have my parents full trust back, and everything is right in the world of Erik Weise.[/rant]

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Hola Atcha'boyee

just wanted to share.

My greatest invention. Or at least, my favorite one.

So yea, not much going on lately for me. Just letting my life play itself out, like I'm the $6.50 paying patron to a movie of my life. I never feel like I'm really participating in anything I do. I'm always in third person, seeing the actions of some half-baked actor try and show character depth. Any of my friends seem to be just as equally distant from me.


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Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.

Woke up.
Went to black buster to setup an interview.
Went to my Marine Corps recruiters.
Hung out with Cassie.
Picked up Anthony.
Watched a movie.


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Went to Apple Charlie's.
Saw Daniel rock out.
Ninjaed some people in the mosh pit.
Got ninja drunk.
Hung out.
Came home.

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Yes, Its True.


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